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Why a Bulk SMS Reseller Business is Beneficial for You

An SMS reseller is a mediator between the customer and the SMS service provider. As a bulk SMS reseller you can purchase units from the bulk SMS provider at affordable rates and trade it to the bulk SMS sender at no fixed cost, that means you can sell it at your own price. You are basically purchasing SMS units in a large quantity and reselling them in a smaller bulk.

You can run your SMS reseller business by working at home. This is one of the best business opportunities for new and old businessmen, who are self-aggravated and want to earn huge money. First and foremost, new businessmen should always initiate a business with low investment and thus a SMS reselling business is a perfect beginning for new entrepreneurs. Here are a few points, which prove why an SMS reseller business is perfect for you:

1. Minimum investmentYou can establish your business as a reseller with minimum investment. All you require is one computer with data connection and some cash to purchase your first lot of bulk SMS. Different from any other business, you do not need an office, staff, furniture, machinery, etc., because your bulk SMS service provider will bear all these costs for you.

2. No business expendituresThere are no business expenditures apart from the electricity bill for your computer and the Internet connection charges.

3. High profitThe difference in the selling cost and buying cost of bulk SMS units is just your profit. You decide the selling price and thus you decide your profit as well. As you deal in bulk even the nominal difference between buying and selling price gives you sufficient profit with each deal.

4. Less time to set up There are many businesses that require some time to set up. We all know that time is money, the more time you take to set up your business the more you will take to start earning. As an SMS reseller you can establish your business right now with a computer from your home.

5. Small advertising cost Some transactional SMS service providers also provide you with a website. This is the biggest advantage. You are fully saving on the cost you would have or else acquired on making your own website.

So, start working from home and start making money now. To become a bulk SMS reseller or to get answers to any queries you may contact  MSG91. (


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