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Web SMS API- An Essential Tool to Send Business Messages

Consistent, scalable and personalizable Web SMS API provides an easy and the best way to allow developers to get linked with an SMS gateway. By using an API you can SMS enable any website, application, or system and send or receive SMS all over the world through a range of connection alternatives.

You can add SMS messages to your software today. Just start with simple Email to SMS or safe FTP, incorporate directly using authoritative SDKs and APIs, or get all the authority and flexibility of SMPP.

Select your preferred SMS API whether it is SOAP, PHP, .NET, SMPP or Java SMS API. Each one is sustained with SDKs, reusable libraries, sample code, widespread documentation and specialist technical assistance.

Key features of web SMS API

Two-way messaging: You can send messages to any network and get replies back to your application, website or system (it is not applicable if you are using an alpha tag)

Message tagging: An exclusive feature of two-way messaging that tells your application just which outbound message communicates to a provided reply (significant for transactional message applications)

Dedicated inbound numbers: Provides your application with the capability of getting mobile instigated BulkSMS . This allows your customers or workforce to deliver a message to a number that your application can reply to

SMS delivery report: Allows tracking of messages, explaining your application a correct time that every message you send is delivered on the customer’s mobile phone. This offers your application an audit trail and allows acceleration in the event of non-delivery of SMS

Validity period control: Allows you to identify exactly how long an outbound message will be applicable on the mobile network. Once delivered, the mobile network will carry on attempting delivery till the validity period does not expire

API web push: Allows real-time delivery of inbound messages directly to a URL, as opposite to polling, where messages are lined up and then dispersed on request. This working procedure is perfect for organizations that require response from mobile staff or clients, sent quickly

So, if you are looking for the best web SMS API provider, then making MSG91 as your Transactional SMS service provider will be the best choice for you.

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