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Enterprise SMS Solutions Provider - MSG91

MSG91 is a trusted Enterprise SMS Solutions provider. MSG91 specializes in providing its clients with International Bulk SMS gateway to send bulk SMS. They helped some of India's biggest corporations to lower costs, increase productivity and customer engagement, with their secure and trustworthy SMS solutions. Their multi-industry expertise involves retail, banking, manufacturing, transport, technology, sales and more.


1. Added layer of security

Enterprise SMS Solutions Provider MSG91 provides an added layer of security for operational transactions. Two factor authentication via SMS allows you to foster your clients’ information, and reduce security gaps in your own system. This SMS solution is best for user registration, transaction confirmation, login verification, password resets, and more.

2. Value added customer servicesYou can streamline your customer service processes and charges by using SMS to send service or pickup status, reminders, order confirmations, and even to rampart mobile ticketing.

3. Promotions and events

With ninety percent of messages read within three minutes, SMS is unbeatable for real time advertising of promotions and events. Enterprise SMS Solutionsthrough keywords and two way messaging can help with scheduling and opt-in or opt-out responses, together with information capturing and automatic updating of your ERP and CRM systems.

4. Inherent security

You can improve management of inherent security and operational incidents through MSG91 Transactional Bulk SMS service to activate internal alerts, check events, automatically expanding incidents, and manage resources.

5. Improve efficiency and decrease costs

SMS marketing has a far better response rate in comparison with email and other marketing methods. By automating SMS communications, you can improve efficiency and decrease costs.

So, if you are looking for the best Enterprise SMS Solution, then look no further than MSG91.


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