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Financial services sector increasingly use bulk SMS API

Financial institutions and banks is one of the many industries who use bulk SMS API due to its various benefits. Bulk SMS is popular as a highly secure, low-cost, efficient and fast communication channel. Amongst insurance companies, brokerage firms, credit card companies and banks there has been a …

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Leveraging the power of bulk SMS solutions

Today, standing out among the competiti…

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Why Choosing the Best SMS Service Provider is Important?

Marketing any product or service effectively is one of the difficult tasks business owners face and they continuously look for tricks to beat the competition. SMS marketing service providers are aware of this requirement. And, SMS or text marketing has long been an essential tool that is required to…

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Is it Possible to Send International SMS through API?

Nowadays, a needed communication method is international SMS or all-inclusive text messaging. It has different helpful points and allows users to communicate with people such as their friends, families, customers, and relatives, who are living in different countries.

International text messaging is…

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Transactional SMS Service-The Best Way to Send Service Messages

Undoubtedly, it becomes imperative to send out significant transactional SMS that are of an emergency nature. With transactional messages, one can send useful, generic, significant data or information. So, all SMS content requires being transactional and should not involve any marketing content on t…

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Web SMS API- An Essential Tool to Send Business Messages

Consistent, scalable and personalizable Web SMS API provides an easy and the best way to allow developers to get linked with an SMS gateway. By using an API you can SMS enable any website, application, or system and send or receive SMS all over the world through a range of connection alternatives.

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How API SMS Service Provider Help in Growing Your Business

Mobile technology has now become very well developed and reliable. In addition, the mobile industry has effectively gone through all the corners of the world and now business promotion through mobile devices has come out as the most feasible option for business owners. The most popular type business…

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Stay One Step Ahead of your Competitors through Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is a powerful method of sending some helpful information to the customers. It is the most commonly used platform for sending a large number of SMS in a short time-period. Bulk SMS is in the top trends amongst businesses since last few years. Today, there are many business organizations who …

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Bulk SMS- An Essential Communication Method for College

Communication is an essential key when you are running a school, college or university. It is significant that you can send crucial information to parents and students at the time it is obligatory and normally at short notice. Conventional methods of communication like sending a letter at home; talk…

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Why a Bulk SMS Reseller Business is Beneficial for You

An SMS reseller is a mediator between the customer and the SMS service provider. As a bulk SMS reseller you can purchase units from the bulk SMS provider at affordable rates and trade it to the bulk SMS sender at no fixed cost, that means you can sell it at your own price. You are basically purchasi…

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Bulk SMS Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Businesses shouldn't be afraid of using bulk SMS for their effective promotion. After all, research shows that text messages are read more than any other medium. So, it is highly probable that your messages will be successfully reaching to your audience.

Here are some bulk SMS marketing tips that…

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Enterprise SMS Solutions Provider - MSG91

MSG91 is a trusted Enterprise SMS Solutions provider. MSG91 specializes in providing its clients with International Bulk SMS gateway to send bulk SMS. They helped some of India's biggest corporations to lower costs, increase productivity and customer engagement, with their secure and trustworthy SMS…

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