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Financial services sector increasingly use bulk SMS API

Financial institutions and banks is one of the many industries who use bulk SMS API due to its various benefits. Bulk SMS is popular as a highly secure, low-cost, efficient and fast communication channel. Amongst insurance companies, brokerage firms, credit card companies and banks there has been a slow but steady uptake of mobile solutions to meet the client requirements of this industry.

Today, all reputed banks have introduced mobile banking in the array of service they provide. In addition, the popularity of online shopping made the use of mobile technology and online transactions more important as well as popular. This is where bulk SMS gateway API proves to be of great help for financial institutions and bank. They use bulk SMS to confirm transactions, market new products and campaigns and for reminding about monthly installments.  

For example, a bank may launch a mobile campaign to make customer aware about the scams and frauds. And give them advice to not share their bank account details with anyone. Similarly, an insurance company could use bulk SMS solution to create a mobile campaign to update clients about a claim or to remind them about their renewal dates.

SMS API allows you to automate your messages. So, whenever someone will make a transaction they will get a message instantly about  how much amount is credited/debited to/from their account and what is the latest balance. SMS API for Java, PHP, HTTP etc. are provided by bulk SMS gateway provider. So, you can easily get one that will best suffice your needs and help establish a smooth communication channel.


Leveraging the power of bulk SMS solutions

Today, standing out among the competition is very important for marketing managers, and they are soon understanding the importance of cost-effective marketing strategies like employing a bulk SMS gateway provider.

Bulk SMS API providers have become an important part of the marketing scenario. They act as the missing link between the businesses, the target audiences and the telecom network providers. With mobile marketing becoming the fastest growing avenue in marketing and the Internet becoming really popular, businesses are able to leverage from this form of client contact on various levels.

Leveraging the constantly growing user base

On the other hand, with the constantly increasing user base of mobile phones, online bulk SMS service providers allow you to design a targeted marketing plan using quick and safe communication techniques.

New business opportunities

Businesses can now choose to create databases and send out thousands of SMS to their customers and targeted customers and communicate about promotional offers, product launches and event invites etc.

Email versus SMS

The biggest benefit of bulk messaging especially when compared to email marketing is that the chances of your prospective customers reading it are much higher. SMS don’t have any Internet dependency and are short and to the point, while email messages tends to be a lot more detailed and internet connectivity dependent, therefore risking its readership with an audience that has reducing attention spans.

In addition, email messages when sent in bulk have huge probability of landing in the spam folder of the recipient. On the other hand, mobile messages ensure a basic readership.

So, find the best international bulk SMS providers in India and start mobile marketing with bulk SMS fast.

Why Choosing the Best SMS Service Provider is Important?

Marketing any product or service effectively is one of the difficult tasks business owners face and they continuously look for tricks to beat the competition. SMS marketing service providers are aware of this requirement. And, SMS or text marketing has long been an essential tool that is required to understand and make use of.

An SMS service provider offers the service that makes every business more successful, both online and offline, and gives a simple, inexpensive and quick way to send information or offers, thereby making any business very much productive and profitable.
When a business signs up with the best SMS provider they are generally given a short five digit code to access present and prospective clients quickly. The same is applied to the customers, allowing them to contact businesses fast with any grievances, so the required action can be taken appropriately.

If needed, it is also feasible to send images of your newest product to catch the eye of prospective buyers. As significant details can be sent to a large number of clients at once, this method of promotion saves huge time, energy and money, and you can rely on fast response.

One more benefit for organizations using the best SMS provider is the ability to interact quickly with employees. No longer is it needed to send out lengthy emails or snail-mail notes. SMS is an ideal communication tool.

Signing up with an SMS service provider is easy and quick, allowing you to start using the service right away. You may also get different types of services from an SMS provider like transactional SMS service, promotional service, bulk SMS gateway, etc., to promote your business effectively.

So, if you actually want to increase your business, and make a large customer base quickly, then the most effective way is to go with a good SMS provider like MSG91 bulk SMS service provider.

Is it Possible to Send International SMS through API?

Nowadays, a needed communication method is international SMS or all-inclusive text messaging. It has different helpful points and allows users to communicate with people such as their friends, families, customers, and relatives, who are living in different countries.

International text messaging is an inexpensive and simple method to send text SMS to out of the country mobile phones and computer networks. Sending international SMS is a problem free method. It can be accessed and done on mobile phones by just pressing buttons and choosing alternatives. A country code may be needed in delivering text SMS to someone out of the country. This country code differs as each country has its individual code. This country code will then be followed by a particular mobile number and generally keeps out the initial zero. One should also look at the existing overseas networks and countries only allowed by the device. It is also significant to find out the rate of payment per number of words  to understand if the budget still goes well with the SMS to be delivered.

Although mobile phones are normally the media for sending international SMS, there are also different types of media like mobile phones, software, and the Internet. A subscriber individuality module or the SIM card may also be needed for these mobile phones to be available in order to allow sending international text messages through their particular network service providers. There are also different websites present where they provide international text messaging services through international SMS API. Users only have to give certain needed information or create an account for accessing their text messaging services. These types of media are quick, dependable, and user-friendly.

Communication has actually enhanced with all high-tech developments and innovations these days. Different networks and other service providers now offer international bulk Transactional SMS service. This is a great help to people particularly promoting their business to overseas customers. It allows them to easily contact customers with just a few data entry work and affordable rates. People are also searching for more alternatives and media for international text messaging. So, for more options and the best services in international text messaging, you may try MSG91.


Transactional SMS Service-The Best Way to Send Service Messages

Undoubtedly, it becomes imperative to send out significant transactional SMS that are of an emergency nature. With transactional messages, one can send useful, generic, significant data or information. So, all SMS content requires being transactional and should not involve any marketing content on this way.

Therefore, all the SMS content needs to get approval in advance with different variables. You could only deliver these approved SMS templates by altering the variables from the SMS template. There are many service providers that offer transactional SMS service to customers to deliver service messages to both DND as well as non-DND mobile numbers.

Sending transactional text messages in India is now possible, even on DND and non-DND registered numbers. There is a service provider named MSG91 that understands how significant it is to send SMS to your employee, client or business associate that is not marketing in nature, but message did not get deliver on DND registered mobile numbers. By using this provider’s transactional SMS API service you can deliver SMS to any number (both DND and Non-DND) and any time. What all you need to do is to get your Sender ID and SMS template verified from operator.

MSG91 is the service provider that offers transactional SMS gateway for customers to get the benefit of economical, reliable, and secure delivery of messages very quickly. MSG91 is self-esteemed company located at Indore, India and is specialized in offering web-based two-way transactional SMS service. It gives you the liberty to send SMS from anywhere, any time with simple broadband Internet connectivity, using very easy to use SMS web interface and at very low price. MSG91 has combined all the accessible cutting-edge technology together for your business success. You cannot find all such kinds of features together at a reasonable price anywhere in India.

Web SMS API- An Essential Tool to Send Business Messages

Consistent, scalable and personalizable Web SMS API provides an easy and the best way to allow developers to get linked with an SMS gateway. By using an API you can SMS enable any website, application, or system and send or receive SMS all over the world through a range of connection alternatives.

You can add SMS messages to your software today. Just start with simple Email to SMS or safe FTP, incorporate directly using authoritative SDKs and APIs, or get all the authority and flexibility of SMPP.

Select your preferred SMS API whether it is SOAP, PHP, .NET, SMPP or Java SMS API. Each one is sustained with SDKs, reusable libraries, sample code, widespread documentation and specialist technical assistance.

Key features of web SMS API

Two-way messaging: You can send messages to any network and get replies back to your application, website or system (it is not applicable if you are using an alpha tag)

Message tagging: An exclusive feature of two-way messaging that tells your application just which outbound message communicates to a provided reply (significant for transactional message applications)

Dedicated inbound numbers: Provides your application with the capability of getting mobile instigated BulkSMS . This allows your customers or workforce to deliver a message to a number that your application can reply to

SMS delivery report: Allows tracking of messages, explaining your application a correct time that every message you send is delivered on the customer’s mobile phone. This offers your application an audit trail and allows acceleration in the event of non-delivery of SMS

Validity period control: Allows you to identify exactly how long an outbound message will be applicable on the mobile network. Once delivered, the mobile network will carry on attempting delivery till the validity period does not expire

API web push: Allows real-time delivery of inbound messages directly to a URL, as opposite to polling, where messages are lined up and then dispersed on request. This working procedure is perfect for organizations that require response from mobile staff or clients, sent quickly

So, if you are looking for the best web SMS API provider, then making MSG91 as your Transactional SMS service provider will be the best choice for you.

How API SMS Service Provider Help in Growing Your Business

Mobile technology has now become very well developed and reliable. In addition, the mobile industry has effectively gone through all the corners of the world and now business promotion through mobile devices has come out as the most feasible option for business owners. The most popular type businesses use of mobile technology is through API SMS service.

The shortcode or the bulk SMS service is powered by bulk SMS gateway API. Messages are delivered through SMS API to the recipients. The SMS API has different functionalities to help you in different areas of your business.

The text messaging software and the bulk API SMS service can be used for different purposes. Some of the most general uses are as follows:

1. You can use Bulk SMS service to send messages to your present customer reminding them about  the service you provide.

2. You can effectively develop a rapport with your clients as using SMS software you can be continuously in contact with them. You can send service announcements, deals, discounts, offers, notifications, etc.

3. You can run surveys for a specific product or service. You can do market research activities to look for the response of a product or evaluate the success of a planned service before it is introduced.

4. The bulk SMS API provider simplifies the process within your company by providing you with an economical solution to communication. You can communicate with your team members when they are in the marketing field, send instructions, and take short reports, etc.

5. You can provide technical support to your customers for computer related problems when accessing emails is not at all possible.

Bulk SMS or API bulk SMS service is the best way to endorse your business. However, before you opt for a service provider it is suggested that you check the services and make sure the reliability and the quality of service provider. So, before you make a decision about the SMS service provider, make sure you check all the facilities they offer.

Stay One Step Ahead of your Competitors through Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is a powerful method of sending some helpful information to the customers. It is the most commonly used platform for sending a large number of SMS in a short time-period. Bulk SMS is in the top trends amongst businesses since last few years. Today, there are many business organizations who do not know how to advertise their brands or services. They are only aware about the service providers. In that case, the one and only name comes in our mind is MSG91, one of the best SMS service providers in India.

In today's cutthroat competition, all companies pertaining to their business have fixed their targets. In order to attain those targets companies make strategies so that they can openly be in contact or make customers aware about their brands or services. Bulk SMS Services are one of such successful and famous strategies. With the help of this method, you can simply connect with your customers and give them some helpful information about your products or services. If you want to send your brand information successfully, then it is highly suggested that you get in touch with one of the best SMS  API service providers in India.

Due to progression of mobile and Internet technology, communication through SMS is simply acceptable and most extensively used. And, to manage your business campaign effectively, bulk SMS service is needed at large scale.

One thing that we have to always keep in mind is the SMS gateway, which is the best possible solution to increase your response rate. Therefore, we can say that the best way to succeed in the marketing endeavor is to use a bulk SMS provider like MSG91, which is definitely the best bulk SMS and transactional SMS service provider for your organization.

You can also schedule your messages via MSG91 bulk SMS Gateway. This is very economical, and does not include any hidden charges. Now, you are free to extend your brand or business information in the market.


Bulk SMS- An Essential Communication Method for College

Communication is an essential key when you are running a school, college or university. It is significant that you can send crucial information to parents and students at the time it is obligatory and normally at short notice. Conventional methods of communication like sending a letter at home; talking with parents over the phone or by email all have their drawbacks.

After all, information delivered by the post or sent home with students can generally get delayed, received very late and, in some conditions, cut off by the student if it involves some superfluous news! Phone calls are also untrustworthy because parents are generally at work or just very busy to reply the phone. Emails can be read very late and even be obstructed by spam filters. This is why bulk SMS for college, schools and universities can be an ideal communication tool.

You can fast create a message, which will then get delivered straight to the mobile phone of parents or students within seconds. These days, everybody keeps his/her phone almost all the time so you can make sure that your SMS will be opened and, if required, executed as soon as it is interpreted.

You are required to select the most suitable Transactional SMS gateway service provider in India. This will allow you to be with the provider you are most at ease working within the initial place. It will also ensure that things are running smoothly the way you anticipate them to be in the initial place for better outcomes. It is for this cause that you will get various people choosing to use bulk SMS. It is very cost-effective to use and gives you expedient and dependable results. You can easily start using the best service for this purpose.

Ensure that the things are all going well for better outcomes that you require. In colleges and universities there is huge need of bulk SMS. This is because you have to deal with various people who want to get that same detail. Thus, you will be basically doing what is needed to be done in a very dependable and suitable way with satisfactory outcomes. It is a kind of service execution that will make your services more trustworthy and dependable.

So, try to find out the best bulk SMS gateway provider in India and start enjoying quicker and expedient communication with your school or college students and their guardians. If you are head of the department in the college or university, this is also an effective method to reach out to the whole college and university group of people. It will make sure you have the best outcomes you require and enjoy the best service.

Why a Bulk SMS Reseller Business is Beneficial for You

An SMS reseller is a mediator between the customer and the SMS service provider. As a bulk SMS reseller you can purchase units from the bulk SMS provider at affordable rates and trade it to the bulk SMS sender at no fixed cost, that means you can sell it at your own price. You are basically purchasing SMS units in a large quantity and reselling them in a smaller bulk.

You can run your SMS reseller business by working at home. This is one of the best business opportunities for new and old businessmen, who are self-aggravated and want to earn huge money. First and foremost, new businessmen should always initiate a business with low investment and thus a SMS reselling business is a perfect beginning for new entrepreneurs. Here are a few points, which prove why an SMS reseller business is perfect for you:

1. Minimum investmentYou can establish your business as a reseller with minimum investment. All you require is one computer with data connection and some cash to purchase your first lot of bulk SMS. Different from any other business, you do not need an office, staff, furniture, machinery, etc., because your bulk SMS service provider will bear all these costs for you.

2. No business expendituresThere are no business expenditures apart from the electricity bill for your computer and the Internet connection charges.

3. High profitThe difference in the selling cost and buying cost of bulk SMS units is just your profit. You decide the selling price and thus you decide your profit as well. As you deal in bulk even the nominal difference between buying and selling price gives you sufficient profit with each deal.

4. Less time to set up There are many businesses that require some time to set up. We all know that time is money, the more time you take to set up your business the more you will take to start earning. As an SMS reseller you can establish your business right now with a computer from your home.

5. Small advertising cost Some transactional SMS service providers also provide you with a website. This is the biggest advantage. You are fully saving on the cost you would have or else acquired on making your own website.

So, start working from home and start making money now. To become a bulk SMS reseller or to get answers to any queries you may contact  MSG91. (


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